Stratford Point Living Shoreline: Restoring Coastal Habitats to Maintain Resiliency and Function

Project Description

Led by researchers at Sacred Heart University, this project expands an existing living shoreline project at Stratford Point, Fairfield County, Connecticut. On-going coastal restoration efforts and research at the site consist of an artificial reef, smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) marsh, high marsh, coastal dune and upland woody/grassland mosaics. In total, the project will provide an additional 750 feet of coastal erosion control, 4.5 acres of intertidal habitat, 1.5 acres of coastal dune habitat and 25 acres of woodland/meadow mix. Subsequent monitoring will provide additional understanding regarding the potential effectiveness of living shorelines as a means to increase coastal resilience and will inform future designs/guidelines for Connecticut and coastal communities in New England.

UConn CIRCA ‘What We Do’ Areas:

  • Living Shorelines
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Coastal Flooding and Waves

Primary Funding: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Connecticut In-Lieu Fee Program

Completion date: July 2017

Project Poster: Mattei Stratford Point CIRCA Poster

Researchers and Staff Supported on Project

  • Jennifer Mattei, Sacred Heart University Department of Biology (Project Lead)

Product: The Stratford Point Living Shoreline Final Report