Municipal Resilience Grant Program

CIRCA is no longer accepting Municipal Resilience Grant applications as of October 1, 2017

If additional funding becomes available, the following information will be relevant for future applications:  

CIRCA is requesting grant proposals from municipal governments and councils of government for initiatives that advance resilience, including the creation of conceptual design, construction (demonstration projects or other) of structures, or the design of practices and policies that increase their resilience to climate change and severe weather. This program is focused on implementation and proposals must review and consider integration of CIRCA’s research products (see link to CIRCA Research Projects report below) into proposed projects. The CIRCA Executive Steering Committee has made up to $100,000 in funds available to municipal governments and councils of government for the execution of resilience initiatives. The committee will review proposals and expects to award 2-5 projects on this round.

Project proposals should develop knowledge or experience that is transferable to multiple locations in Connecticut and have well-defined and measurable goals. Preferable projects will be implemented in no more than a 12-month time frame. Preference will also be given to those projects that leverage multiple funding sources and that involve collaboration with CIRCA to address at least one of the following priority areas:

  1. Develop and deploy natural science, engineering, legal, financial, and policy best practices for climate resilience;
  2. Undertake or oversee pilot projects designed to improve resilience and sustainability of the natural and built environment along Connecticut’s coast and inland waterways;
  3. Foster resilient actions and sustainable communities – particularly along the Connecticut coastline and inland waterways – that can adapt to the impacts and hazards of climate change; and
  4. Reduce the loss of life and property, natural system and ecological damage, and social disruption from high‐impact events.

CIRCA’s Research Products

If applicable for their project, applicants are required to demonstrate how they will use current or planned CIRCA research products (described in CIRCA May 2017 Summary), and particularly how they will use CIRCA research products for waves ( and in-progress work on modeling and mapping of sea level rise, coastal flooding, and inland flooding under current and future climate conditions.  The researchers involved with each project are listed in the report. If communities are interested in reaching out to a researcher about their project, please contact Dr. Rebecca French and she will assist you with setting up a meeting.  A required webinar to learn more about this grant program and CIRCA research products will be held on July 26, 2017 from 10 am to 11:30 am (see below for more information).

Eligible Applicants

All Connecticut municipalities and councils of government are eligible to apply. Partnerships are encouraged.

Proposal Deadline

An original and complete application must be received no later than 5pm on September 1, 2017. Application materials are below.

Criteria for Evaluation

Proposals will be reviewed by the CIRCA Executive Steering Committee. The committee will weigh the following factors in their decision process:

  • The extent to which a project makes a community more resilient to climate change and extreme weather;
  • Develop knowledge or experience that is transferable to multiple locations in Connecticut;
  • Involve collaboration with CIRCA to address at least one of the priority areas outlined above (numbered 1-4) and, if applicable, demonstrated use of one or more of CIRCA’s research products;
  • Have well-defined and measurable goals;
  • Be completed in an 12-month timescale;
  • Leverage multiple funding sources;
  • Emphasize implementation; and
  • Participation in the required informational webinar.

Notification of Award

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected for funding. We anticipate that the review process will take a minimum of four weeks.

Past Recipients

CIRCA has received many qualified requests for matching funds and has selected several recipients. Collectively their work will help increase resiliency around the State of Connecticut!

See Recipients

Contact Information

All questions should be directed to Please see our growing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page (which will periodically be updated).

Past Webinar Materials:

Round 2 Webinar: March 17, 2016 (View Slides) - resources for developing proposal ideas relevant to CIRCA

Round 3 Webinar: September 19, 2016 (View Recording) - Grant program overview and Inland and Coastal Flooding and Waves Research Products

Required Information and Procedures

University of Connecticut award procedures must be followed by all entities selected to receive funds. Any entity that is funded must provide a detailed budget, budget justification, and scope of work.

If an entity is not currently a Vendor within the University system a W-9 form must be completed prior to any distribution of funds. When determining your project timeline, please allow 5-7 business days to process once submitted to the University.

Any entity awarded funds greater than $3,000 will be required to complete a Personal Service Agreement (PSA). This is a contract for professional or technical services between the University and individuals, partnerships, or corporations. Please allow up to four weeks to process the contract once it is submitted to the University.

The University will withhold the final 10% of funding until submittal and approval of a final report (as required below).

This is a cost reimbursable program.

Final Report

All awards are required to provide a final report to the Institute that will include:

  • Executive summary of project for non-technical audience (500 words);
  • Project background and context;
  • Project description, including goals and methods;
  • Explanation of how project advanced CIRCA mission and priority areas;
  • Description of how applicable CIRCA research product(s) were utilized;
  • Project outcomes;
  • Final project schedule & budget; and
  • Copies of project products (manuscripts, maps, photos. presentations, tools, etc.)

CIRCA reserves the right to edit the final report in its entirety for publishing on the CIRCA website and/or including in print materials.

How to Request Funds

All materials will be submitted through the online application form. In addition to the form you will need:

Detailed budget and budget justification. Responses should be limited to 2-3 pages in length. CIRCA reserves the right to request additional information.

Detailed project description and workplan – Please format your project description and workplan with the following sections:

  1. Project description (include project name and project address);
  2. Workplan (including major phases, deliverables, project dates, permitting process (if applicable), project team members and roles);
  3. Resumes for team members;
  4. Permits required and plan for acquisition, if applicable, including all drawings and plans to be submitted during the permitting process;
  5. Partner roles and responsibilities (if applicable);
  6. Sources of leverage and amounts (if applicable);
  7. How project will advance mission of CIRCA;
  8. Define collaboration with CIRCA (if applicable);
  9. Description of how project satisfies a priority area of CIRCA, indicating which priority area(s) and, if applicable, demonstrated use of one or more of CIRCA’s research products
  10. Description of acknowledgement; and
  11. Letters of support (if applicable).
  12. Statement affirming that the applicant participated in or viewed the recording of the July 26, 2017 webinar (see link above).

Please describe your project, indicating the need for and intended use of the project. Please provide a detailed project description and work plan with all major phases and deliverables, including project dates, permitting (if applicable), and project team members with roles (attach a resume for each).

If your project will require permitting at local, state, or federal level, please provide information on what permits are required and how you intend to secure permits. Provide all drawings and plans to be submitted in the permitting process.

If you are partnering with an outside organization(s) please describe the partnership (roles and responsibilities) and detail any potential sources of leverage, including letters of support.

Please indicate how your project will help advance the mission of CIRCA. If you plan to collaborate with CIRCA, please include description of how you intend to collaborate in your response. If your project satisfies a priority area of CIRCA, please indicate which priority area(s) and describe how.

Provide a description of how acknowledgement shall be given to the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation, if the project is selected for funding.

The combined project description and workplan should be limited to 5 pages in length (not included in the page count are: permitting drawings and plans to be submitted during the permitting process, resumes, or letters of support).

FOIA Statement 

The information and materials submitted to CIRCA for consideration under this funding program are subject to the terms of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") and all applicable rules, regulations and administrative decisions regarding their disclosure to third parties. The information and materials submitted are exempt from disclosure until a determination has been made whether to fund a specific proposal. If an individual or entity is interested in preserving the confidentiality of any part of its proposal, whether funded or not, it will not be sufficient merely to state generally in the proposal that the proposal is proprietary or confidential in nature and not, therefore, subject to release to third parties. Instead, those particular sentences, paragraphs, pages or sections that an individual or entity believe to be exempt from disclosure under the FOIA must be specifically identified as such and accompanied by a explanation and rationale sufficient to justify each exemption consistent with § 1-210(b) of the FOIA. The rationale and explanation must be stated in terms of the reasons the materials are legally exempt from release pursuant to the FOIA. UConn, DEEP, and CIRCA will identify as protected from disclosure such materials to the extent permitted by FOIA and all applicable rules, regulations and administrative decisions. Any final determination on the status of a specific document withheld from disclosure may be determined by the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission and the courts, if applicable.