Laura Cisneros

Visiting Assistant Professor | Program Coordinator for Natural Resources Conservation Academy

Natural Resources Conservation Academy | Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment | Expertise: community outreach, citizen science, human - ecological communities, landscapes

Dr. Cisneros’ research and teaching interests focus on understanding how human activities affect ecological communities and using this understanding to inform students and citizens about the intimate role that humans play in global sustainability. Cisneros’ Ph.D. research explored the effects of human-modified landscapes on bat communities, and identified landscape characteristics that promote biodiversity and vital services provided by bats (e.g. pollination, seed dispersal). Currently, her efforts are focused on integrating research with community outreach as the coordinator of the Natural Resources Conservation Academy ( and through citizen science projects. Visit her website to learn more about my current research and teaching activities.

CIRCA Project(s): Natural Resources Conservation Academy: Fostering Young Scientists in Connecticut Communities, Matching Funds Program

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