Municipal Resilience Grant Program FAQs

  1. Can an applicant apply for funding in both Track 1 and Track 2? Yes.
  2. Can partial amounts be awarded from a project budget if CIRCA cannot award the full amount applied for? Yes, the review committee may partially fund an application. We suggest applicants identify parts of their project in need of different funding amounts. If the entire project cannot be funded, then the review committee may fund a portion of the total request.
  3. Are the two tracks offering differing award amounts? Awards totaling $150,000 will be made in each of the two tracks. In Track 1, requests can be made up to $100,000 and in Track 2, requests can be made up to $50,000.
  4. What is meant by “develop knowledge or concepts that are transferable,” as referenced in the request for proposals? A transferable project will yield knowledge and/or concepts that can be useful in multiple locations outside where the project awarded.
  5. Is leverage required? Leverage is preferred, and indicates the extent to which the resources will leverage those of other engaged partners. However, it is not required.
  6. Can municipal and/or state funds be included in the total project budget? Yes, as leverage.
  7. Is it possible for a municipality to submit a proposal and be involved in another, regional proposal? Yes.
  8. Can a COG or NGO participate in multiple applications? Yes.
  9. Can work completed prior to the grant be considered for reimbursement under the grant?No, work completed prior to the award of the grant will not be reimbursed.
  10. If a project is awarded funds, would CIRCA consider supporting associated outreach initiatives? Yes. CIRCA would consider potential outreach initiatives with interested awardees and would be willing to discuss non-financial support for sharing project outcomes through a CIRCA webinar.
  11. You require resumes of all professionals working on the project. We have not secured a consultant for the project yet. We can provide resumes of staff who will be managing the project. Any guidance? CIRCA recognizes that if you have not yet secured a consultant for a project for which you are requesting funding, then you will not be able to provide that information. Including the resumes of all municipal staff and partners listed in the proposal is sufficient for the application.
  12. Is there information available on past MRGP awards from CIRCA? There have been four rounds of funding thus far. You can view a description of past awardees HERE. Though it is important to note that this new round has more targeted funding for Track 1 and 2 topics.