Municipal Resilience Grant Program Awarded Projects

Map of CIRCA Matching Funds and Municipal Resilience Grant Program Project Areas

The municipalities and councils of governments listed below have been awarded CIRCA Municipal Resilience Grant Program (MRGP) funds to pursue projects that will not only increase their own local resilience, but also serve as transferable tools for other communities hoping to replicate their success. MRGP 1.0 was in 2017 and MRGP 2.0 was in 2023.  Each link in the alphabetical list below provides a project summary:

MRGP 2.0

Fairfield - Fairfield Benefit Cost Analysis for Climate Resilience - coming soon

Housatonic Valley Association - Advancing Priority Culvert Right-Sizing Projects in the Naugatuck River Watershed - coming soon

Old Saybrook- Back River Living Shoreline Design

SCCOG - Southeastern Connecticut Municipal Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study

Stonington - Preliminary Engineering Report: Holmes Street Seawall –Innovative Design for Climate Resilience

MRGP 1.0

Darien - Low Impact Development for Resilience Against Flooding, Storm Water, and Climate Change 

East Lyme - Coastal Resilience, Climate Adaptation, and Sustainability Project

Fenwick - Hepburn Dune and Marsh Preservation Project

Hartford - Green Infrastructure Specialist for a More Resilient and Sustainable Future

MetroCOG - Beardsley Zoo Green Infrastructure Project

MetroCOG – Designing Resilience: Living Shorelines for Bridgeport

Milford – Developing and Implementing a Restoration and Management Plan to Combat Threats and Challenges to Coastal Dune Resiliency in Urban Landscapes

New Haven - Assessing Impacts of Tides and Precipitation on Downtown Storm Sewer System Through Use of Real-Time Depth and Flow Monitoring

New Haven – New Haven Industrial Toolbox

NHCOG– Building Municipal Resilience and Climate Adaptation through Low Impact Development

NHCOG - Enhancing Rural Resiliency: A Vision and Toolkit for Adaptation in the Northwest Hills

Oxford - Planning for Flood Resilient and Fish-Friendly Road-Stream Crossings in the Southern Naugatuck Valley

SCCOG - Southeastern Connecticut Critical Facilities Assessment

SCRCOG - Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning for Protection of Public Drinking Water

SCRCOG - Design and Technical Guide for Implementing Innovative Municipal Scale Coastal Resilience in Southern Connecticut

Stamford - Resilience Opportunity Assessment

Waterford – Waterford Municipal Infrastructure Resilience Project

WestCOG – Regional CRS Program