Logo and Acknowledgements

CIRCA is a grant-funded institute whose support depends on recognition of its expertise, products, and engagement activities. Since organizations awarded CIRCA funding help build the portfolio of products, we want our grantees to proudly associate their work with the Institute. The following guidance describes how to acknowledge CIRCA in public products resulting from the Institute’s Municipal Resilience, Matching Funds, and Research Grant programs:


  • Printed Materials:
    • Municipal Resilience and Research report covers should include the CIRCA logo and a second acknowledgements page that includes the CIRCA mission statement, website, and funding acknowledgement. Brochures and shorter printed materials should also include the CIRCA logo, website, and funding acknowledgement if space allows.
    • Matching Fund reports should indicate that projects are partially sponsored by CIRCA along with the CIRCA logo placed with other funding logos.

CIRCA Report Cover Template


Sample Acknowledgement Page


  • Presentations: All public PowerPoint or poster presentations should include the CIRCA logo and a statement acknowledging CIRCA funding.
    • If possible, a verbal explanation or slide with CIRCA’s mission statement and website (circa.uconn.edu) should be given as part of a presentation.
    • All CIRCA funded faculty should identify themselves as an Affiliated Faculty Member if that title applies when presenting work in connection with CIRCA. CIRCA Master Slides with the UConn Banner are available for download here:

CIRCA/DEEP Master Power Point Slides Regular Screen

CIRCA/DEEP Master Power Point Slide Wide Screen

CIRCA Master Power Point Slide Regular Screen

CIRCA Master Power Point Slide Wide Screen


  • Events: All flyers, posters, announcements, etc. advertising events related to a CIRCA project should include the CIRCA logo and, if appropriate, language saying, “sponsored by the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation.” Please notify the CIRCA Project Coordinator and CIRCA Director of Community Engagement of public events three weeks prior in order to advertise events on the CIRCA website and in the Resilience Roundup.