Municipal Resilience Grant Program FAQs

  1. What is meant by “develop knowledge that is transferable,” as referenced in the request for proposals? A transferable project will yield knowledge and experience that will be useful in multiple locations.
  2. Is leverage required? Leverage is preferred, it is not required, and indicates the extent to which the resources will leverage those of other engaged partners.Is there a prescribed ratio of Applicant contributions to CIRCA funds requested? There is no prescribed ratio of Applicant contributions to CIRCA funds requested. Please note, that projects which leverage multiple funding sources are preferred.
  3. Can an applicant apply for the entire $100,000 made available in the Municipal Resilience Grant Program? Yes. The Executive Committee has said that if it makes sense for a project to be funded for the maximum grant award, then they should apply for that amount. The Executive Committee may partially fund an application. We suggest that applicants make it clear if there are portions of their application, which can be funded, even if the entire project cannot be funded.
  4. Is the total amount available for the grant competition $100,000, or is that the ceiling on how much individual municipalities can request? Up to $100,000 in total is available during the fourth round of funding of the Municipal Resilience Grant Program. Municipalities and councils of government may apply for the full amount of funding ($100,000) made available during this round. The CIRCA Executive Steering Committee may award one or more projects, totaling up to $100,000.
  5. Are there a minimum or maximum number of expected awards under the Municipal Resilience Grants program? While there are no minimum or maximum number of awards under the Municipal Resilience Grants program. CIRCA expects to award 2-5 projects in this round.
  6. Is it possible for a municipality to submit a proposal and be involved in another, regional proposal? Yes.
  7. Is there information available on past awards from CIRCA? Yes. There have been three rounds of funding thus far. You can view a description of past awardees HERE.
  8. Will the webinar be made available? Yes, the July 26 webinar will be posted to CIRCA’s municipal grant web page.
  9. Are applicants required to provide matching funds? No. The Municipal Resilience Grant Program does not have a match requirement. There is a preference for applications that “leverage multiple funding sources.” There is no limitation for the source of those leveraged funds, i.e. they could come from state or municipal sources as well as any other funding sources (private, foundation, NGO, federal, etc.). Applicants can apply to CIRCA for up to $100,000 for their project.
  10. Can a council of government participate in multiple applications? Yes.
  11. Can work completed prior to the grant be considered for reimbursement under the grant? For example, if the proposal includes assessment of and modification to critical infrastructure, could elevation certificates completed last year for the infrastructure be included in the request? No, work completed prior to the award of the grant will not be reimbursed.
  12. Can municipal and/or state funds be included in the total project budget? Yes as leverage.
  13. If a project is awarded funds under the Municipal Resilience Grant Program, would CIRCA consider supporting associated outreach initiatives? Yes. CIRCA would consider potential outreach initiatives with interested awardees and would be willing to discuss non-financial support for potential outreach initiatives to share project outcomes.
  14. You require resumes of all professionals working on the project. We have not secured a consultant for the project yet. We can provide resumes of staff who will be managing the project. Any guidance? CIRCA recognizes that if you have not yet secured a consultant for a project for which you are requesting funding, then you will not be able to provide that information. Including the resumes of all municipal staff and partners listed in the proposal is sufficient for the application.