Anji Seth

CIRCA Director of Applied Research, Associate Professor

Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation | Department of Geography

Expertise: regional climate evolution in the larger setting of human initiated global warming

Dr. Seth’s research group focuses on the physical climate system, in particular, how regional climates are likely to evolve in the larger setting of human initiated global warming. We work with large global and regional observational datasets and numerical climate models to understand regional processes involved in monsoon regions and mid-latitude climates.

Dr. Seth teaches a sequence of courses on the topic of climate change and global warming.

  • GEOG 1300 provides a broad view of earth’s changing climate across 600 million years.
  • GEOG 3400 uses simple and online models to understand the basic science of global warming.
  • GEOG 4300/5390 students read primary literature and current media to explore the historical development of global warming science as well as public perceptions of the issue.


Ph.D., University of Michigan (1995)
B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1985)