James Stuart

Professor Emeritus

Department of Chemistry, Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE)

Expertise: environmental chemistry and hazardous chemical response, alternate energy and its effects on the environment

Jim Stuart completed his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at Lehigh University (1969) while also teaching his subject at Lafayette College as an Instructor (the College from which he graduated in 1963). Prior he also spent two graduate school years at the University of Rhode Island studying analytical chemistry and oceanography. He joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut in 1969 as an Assistant Professor, later on being promoted to Associate and Full Professor. He served as the Head of the Analytical Division of UCONN’s Chemistry Department, and in the early 1980s started and taught advanced courses in Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Chemical Response. Most of his research, along with the graduate students that he directed, has involved with the analytical separation, detection, identification and quantification of organic compounds. He had a long association with the Coast Guard Academy and The Coast Guard Research & Development Center especially on oil spill identification. In his retirement (2003) due to his interest in alternate energy and all of its effects on the environmental, he established the Biofuel Testing Laboratory which is part of the Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering located on UCONN’s Storrs campus.