Jamie Vaudrey

Assistant Research Professor

Department of Marine Sciences

Expertise: effect of land-use on the coastal environment, human activities and eutrophication in coastal embayments, seagrass as indicators of water quality

Jamie Vaudrey is currently an Assistant Research Professor with the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut. Her research interests are in the area of ecosystem dynamics in the coastal zone, specifically in the effect of land-use on the coastal environment and how anthropogenic changes to the landscape may change our coastal ecosystems. She is specifically interested in the relationship between human activities and expression of eutrophication in large systems (Narragansett Bay, Long Island Sound) and small embayments of these larger systems. Jamie has worked on modeling the relationship between nitrogen input and hypoxia in Narragansett Bay and on developing a model relating nitrogen load to trophic status in Long Island Sound embayments.  She also has an interest in seagrass systems as indicators of a desirable state of water quality and inputs to coastal systems. She has been involved with a variety of seagrass projects throughout New England, including assessing genetic diversity of eelgrass, evaluating restoration projects, and developing a model to assist with the siting of restoration projects.

Vaudrey received a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from Wellesley College, MA. She worked at The Newfound Harbor Marine Institute and Seacamp in Big Pine Key, FL for three years; finishing her tenure there as the Intern Coordinator.  Jamie then moved to Oregon and worked as the Oregon Area Manager for Science Adventures, a science education company. Jamie completed her Ph.D. in Oceanography at the University of Connecticut in 2007. She worked as a Postdoctoral Associate on two separate projects through UConn, one on seagrass in Long Island Sound and one developing an ecosystem model of hypoxia in Narragansett Bay. In 2010, Jamie started her current position as Assistant Research Professor with the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut.

CIRCA Project(s): Coastal Green Infrastructure Resilience Planning: Scoping of Dredge Material Islands and Wetlands for Resiliency Projects along Connecticut Shoreline in Fairfield and New Haven Counties

Jamie Vaudrey
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