Wei Zhang

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: structural dynamics, fluid mechanics, development of resilient and sustainable infrastructural systems, coastal hazards, damage analysis, resiliency and decision making

The research topics in our lab are interdisciplinary by nature, spanning over structural dynamics, fluid mechanics, finite element analysis, solid mechanics, and structural reliability. Our research interests originate from structural dynamics, which includes fluid-structure interactions, structural vibrations, fatigue damages, and energy harvest from structural vibrations. Our long-term goal is to develop effective methodologies for life-cycle performance design, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of structural systems, which integrate extreme event and load modeling, risk and reliability analysis, life-cycle performance design, progressive damage inspection, monitoring, and rehabilitation to develop resilient and sustainable infrastructural systems.

Our research interests include:

  1. Coastal multi-hazards: wind, flood, wave, storm surge, climate change;
  2. Multi-scale damage analysis: damage modeling, fatigue and fracture;
  3. Wind engineering: wind induced vibration, computational fluid dynamics;
  4. Energy Harvesting: wind/wave/vibrational energy harvesting.
  5. Resiliency and Decision Making: Structural reliability, fragility/vulnerability analysis, system optimization and decision making.

CIRCA Project(s): Matching Funds Program

Wei Zhang
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