Connecticut Reports

SAFR Connecticut Connections – Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Concept

The National Disaster Resilience Competition (NDRC) was a $1 billion competition for funding to recover with resilience to past disasters. CIRCA worked with the state agencies in SAFR (State Agencies Fostering Resilience) and other municipal and non-profit partners to assess the vulnerabilities of New Haven and Fairfield counties to the impacts of climate change and Hurricane Sandy and to develop a resilience concept to address those vulnerabilities. The SAFR Connecticut Connections report provides a summary of these vulnerabilities, including extensive mapping, as well as a resilient transit-oriented development concept that can be applied to many of Connecticut’s coastal municipalities as a resilience strategy.

Connecticut Climate Preparedness Plan

The Connecticut Climate Preparedness Plan evaluated the projected impacts of climate change on the state’s agriculture, infrastructure, natural resources, and public health. The plan also includes recommendations for adaptation, research, and education.

Connecticut Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Connecticut Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan represents the state’s efforts to approach mitigating the effects of natural disasters. This plan is used as a guideline for the implementation of effective mitigation of natural hazards, natural hazard identification, and risk assessment.