CIRCA Highlighted on Untold: A CT Mirror Podcast

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Untold Podcast Episode

Untold: In the climate crisis, who’s really feeling the heat?

The planet’s getting warmer, but we’re not all feeling the effects in the same way. In a recent episode of Untold, Harriet Jones goes inside Resilient Connecticut, one of the state’s biggest climate adaptation efforts, to find out how our towns are preparing for a hotter future. Listen at the start of the podcast for interviews of CIRCA’s research and planning teams. We also meet Kat Morris to learn how the climate crisis intersects with environmental racism, health inequities, global migration and reproductive justice.

Throughout this season the Untold podcast series is looking at issues that are driving young people’s engagement with politics – the climate crisis, reproductive rights, gun violence, gay and trans rights, and access to the ballot box. What about those issues is self-evident? Where do we have common ground as a nation and across generations, and where do we differ? Listen to this new series to learn more!

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