GI/LS References


Green Infrastructure and Living Shoreline References refer to reports, documents, and presentations that provide guidance and an overview of Green Infrastructure and Living Shorelines concepts or protocol. These documents are meant to provide base guidance principals and a general understanding of Green Infrastructure and Living Shorelines. The materials referenced on this page are direct products of grant-funded projects supported or completed by UCONN CIRCA.


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Training Presentations

May 23, 2017 Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Training

Intro Green Infrastructure - NOAA

Community Benefits of Land Restoration - MetroCOG

Designing for the Future - City of New Haven

Green Infrastructure at the Local Community - ECCD

Green Infrastructure LID in CT - UConn CLEAR

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Design Manual

HCOG – Building Municipal Resilience and Climate Adaptation through Low Impact Development, LID Guide

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Final Report

Living Shorelines in New England: State of the Practice

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Design Guidance/Manual

 Northeast Living Shoreline Profile Pages

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Final Report

Regulatory Issues for Implementing Living Shorelines – Jennifer O’Donnell

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Checklist Guide

Connecticut Beaches and Dunes: A Hazard Guide for Coastal Property Owners

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Final Report

Scoping of Dredge Material Islands and Wetlands for Green Infrastructure Resiliency Projects Along the Connecticut Shoreline in Fairfield and New Haven Counties

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Research Poster

How Will Sea Level Rise-Driven Shifts in Wetland Vegetation Alter Ecosystem Services?

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Report - In Progress

Restored vs. Natural Living Shorelines: Comparison of Ecosystem Services, Erosion Control, and Habitat Use 

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Final Report

Sea Level Rise Projections for the State of Connecticut