How Will Sea Level Rise-Driven Shifts in Wetland Vegetation Alter Ecosystem Services?

About the Project

Project Description

This project examines how sea level rise (SLR) - induced shifts in vegetation will mediate ecosystem service provision by LIS coastal wetlands.  Specifically, the project will: 1) quantify the delivery of ecosystem services associated with dominant tidal wetland plant species of the LIS; 2) examine impacts of SLR and interactions; 3) forecast how shifts in dominant tidal wetland species will alter ecosystem service provision of LIS coastal wetlands; 4) promote understanding of the complex interactions among SLR, coastal wetlands, and ecosystem services among diverse audiences in the LIS region.

Anticipated completion date: August 2019

Click here to view Scientists investigate effects of sea level rise on coastal wetlands, a post on UConn's College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources newsletter entitled Naturally@UConn regarding the project.


 May 2017 Product: Lawrence CIRCA Poster May 2017

Researchers and Staff Supported on Project

  • Beth Lawrence, UConn Natural Resources and the Environment (Project Lead)
    • Christopher Elphick, UConn Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Ashley Helton, UConn Natural Resources and the Environment

Primary Funding

Long Island Sound Study – CT Sea Grant


Lyme Coastal Wetland, Photo: Beth Lawrence

“What We Do” Areas

This project is a part of the following topical areas:

Coastal Flooding & Waves

Sea Level Rise

Living Shorelines