Municipal Energy Resilience Webinar Series

Learn about municipal energy vulnerabilities, funding and incentive programs through the Inflation Reduction Act, CT state programs for microgrids and energy efficiency, solar and battery systems, fuel cells and more.

Hosted by Kirt Mayland, Energy Legal Fellow, UConn CIRCA

Join CIRCA in June for a two-part webinar series on Municipal Energy Resilience. How can towns take positive steps to increase energy resilience locally? Learn how the Inflation Reduction Act and state programs have incentives for communities to assist in funding renewable energy projects, and what criteria municipalities should consider when developing municipal projects.

On day one, our panel of experts will talk about assessing municipal energy resilience, programs available at the federal and state level for energy infrastructure, and steps towns can take.

Day two will involve municipal case studies and be an opportunity for discussion and questions.

June 7:   Introduction to Municipal Energy Resilience panel

June 14: Case Study, Round Table discussion and Q & A



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