Real‐time Flood Prediction and Vulnerability Analysis of Connecticut’s Inland River Network

About the Project

UConn CIRCA researchers are developing an integrative hydrologic and flood inundation modeling system for Connecticut’s inland river network, and using the system for conducting flood vulnerability analyses statewide to identify critical areas/infrastructures (e.g. bridges, road network, power stations, waste water treatment facilities) and issues related to flooding and erosion from extreme precipitation (1% annual chance storms) in current and end‐of‐century climate.

Completion date: January 2017


Journal of Hydrology article:  A Framework to Improve Hyper-Resolution Hydrological Simulation in Snow-Affected Regions Final Report

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) water article: A Numerical Framework for Evaluating Flood Inundation Risk under Different Dam Operation Scenarios

Researchers and Staff Supported on Project

  • Manos Anagnostou, UConn Civil & Environmental Engineering, UConn CIRCA
  • Xinyi Shen, Postdoctoral Fellow, UConn Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Yagmur Derin, Graduate Student, UConn Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Jason Parent, UConn Natural Resources and the Environment


Topic Areas

This project is a part of the following topical areas:

Inland Flooding

Critical Infrastructure Resilience