Products available – Creating a Resilient Connecticut: A CIRCA Forum on Science, Planning, Policy & Law | May 11, 2018

The Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA), UConn School of Law’s Center for Energy & Environmental Law (CEEL), and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) hosted an event entitled, Creating a Resilient Connecticut: A CIRCA Forum on Science, Planning, Policy & Law on Friday, May 11, 2018 at the UConn School of Law in Hartford, CT.

This exciting forum combined science, policy, and planning at the state and local levels and highlighted work undertaken over the past two years by CT DEEP and UConn/CIRCA to address the resilience of vulnerable communities along Connecticut’s coast and inland waterways to the growing impacts of climate change. Important research is leading to the creation of products for assessing vulnerabilities and strategies to mitigate potential damage from climate change and storm impacts.

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Watch a recording of the Forum including a welcome by CT DEEP Commissioner Rob Klee announcing recent news of the Connecticut Legislature’s passage of, “An Act Concerning Climate Change Planning and Resiliency.”  Harriet Tregoning, former HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Community Planning and Development, provided the keynote address entitled, “Connecticut’s Future in a Disaster-Prone World”. 

Slides from each presenter, in order of appearance:

James O’ Donnell CIRCA Sea Level Rise in Long Island Sound
Manos Anagnostou UConn Engineering Statewide Riverine Flood Vulnerability Assessment
William Rath UConn Law, CEEL Legal & Policy Analysis to Support Resilience Measures
DeAva Lambert CT DEEP Tracking Connecticut’s Coast Using Aerial Photography
Christine Kirchoff UConn Engineering Resilience of Wastewater & Drinking Water Systems
Peter Miniutti UConn Landscape Architecture Vulnerability Assessment & Planning in New London
Harriet Tregoning Keynote Speaker Connecticut’s Future in a Disaster Prone World
Katie Lund CIRCA CIRCA’s Grant Programs
Amanda Kennedy SCRCOG Southeastern CT Critical Facilities Assessment
Joanna Wozniak-Brown NWHCOG Municipal LID Design and Enhancing Rural Resiliency
Mike Jastremski HVA Planning for Flood Resilient and Fish Friendly Road-Stream Crossings in CT’s Northwest Hills
Shubhada Kambli City of Hartford Hartford Climate Stewardship Initiative & Green Infrastructure Specialist
James O’Donnell CIRCA Coastal Road Flooding in CT

Posters presented, in alphabetical order, by organization:

 CRCOG Capitol Region Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update
 City of New Haven  Assessing Impacts of Tides & Precipitation on Downtown Storm Sewer System
 City of New Haven  Commercial Industrial Toolbox
 RiverCOG Flood Susceptibility Mapping for the Lower Connecticut River Valley
 SCRCOG Innovative Municipal Scale Coastal Resilience in Southern CT
 WestCOG Regional Flood Mitigation Rating System
 UConn Developing a Drinking Water Resiliency Plan for Connecticut
Private Well Assessment and Recommendations
 UConn Marsh Restoration Using Dredged Material for Coastal Resilience

Additional Forum Resources:

Sea Level Rise Projections for the State of Connecticut

Floodplain Building Elevation Standards

Height Restrictions on Elevated Buildings

Oceanfront State Coastal Management Programs

Statutory Adoption of Updated SLR Scenarios


This work is made possible through a Municipal Resilience Planning Assistance grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Housing CDBG-Disaster Recovery Program and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Grant products will be available in Dec. 2018.